Vidéo produit en colaboration avec Salamah Prod ( et Hadra Records ( pour Lakay (

Colaboration de Cristophe Tong Viet- Camera and Crane operator

Music Live 2012-

Lakay- Trumpet player, Seung, Machine
Timoot- Soprano and Baritone Saxophone
Loli- Gipsy dancer
Yshar- Tribal dancer
Tibo- Sound technician
Booz- Lighting technician

– Lakay bio-
As a trumpeter and multi-instrumentalist, Lakay discovered electronic music at the beginning of the millennium in the infamous French free parties. Having been influenced by a wide spectrum of genres such as dub, drum’n’bass, trance and hardtek, his live set offers a soft journey through dub, trance and psychedelic jungle. He finds his sources of inspiration in this colorful mix of influences. The atmospheres emanating from electronic synths and the energy of traditional instruments play central roles in the creation of a music that is both dynamic and meditative, suggesting the mind to go on a journey. Electronic loops are fused with the melodies of the trumpet, the sounds of the Thai seung, the groove of Spanish guitars and many more sonorities from diverse cultures creating a rich and colourful musical melting pot. He has been exposing his universe through his live sets since 2008, by creating moments of communion favoring the awakening of senses and emotions… Ex member of Fluid